7 Things to Consider in Buying a New Laptop

Are you planning to buy a new laptop?

Well, there are dozens of good-looking laptops in shops and online. But more than the good looks, there are more other important things that you need to consider in buying a brand new laptop.


The standard sizes of laptops are 13.3, 15.4, and 17 inches. But there are smaller laptops which are considered as netbooks or notebooks. For personal use, small-sized laptops are fine. But for detailed work, opt for the larger ones.

Screen quality

The best laptop screen quality is 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution or High-Definition. But there are laptops that go beyond this. If you spend the whole day staring at the laptop, buy HD-resolution screens for more comfortability.


Today, the latest and considered the best computer-processing units are Intel’s Core-based. Most laptops today have Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7. Core i7 definitely offers the best performance for your laptop. But of course, they usually cost more than the other CPUs.


RAM is important in a computer as it is where temporary data are stored before processing. The bigger the RAM is, the more applications and software you can run at the same time. To get the best out of your system, opt for the 4GB of RAM.

Keyboard quality

If your use requires a lot of typing, you need to consider the quality of the keyboard. The keyboard should have a comfortable layout, with keys spaced adequately from each other. It will also be great if the keyboard has a backlit function, especially in dim environments.


Another essential thing to consider in buying a laptop is its storage capacity. Today, solid-state drives are preferred storage devices in laptops as they run silently, offers more storage, and are generally lightweight. Most laptops now can range from 128GB SSD to 1TB SSD.

Battery life

If you will use your laptop for longer sessions, consider a unit that has longer battery lifespan. The larger the Watt-hours (Wh) or milliamp-hours (mAh), the longer the battery can last.

We hope this guide helps you in buying your new laptop.…