When buying a laptop, one of the considerations of consumers is the brand. It has been a trend among consumers today to be loyal to a particular brand. The brand provides a total impression on the overall quality of the laptop. Before 2018 enters, let us look back on the glorious year of laptop production and list down the most reliable laptop brands of 2017:


Lenovo has outshined Apple as the best laptop brand of 2017. Its models are incredibly efficient and aesthetical, receiving 4 to 5 stars from major consumer review sites. The most memorable Lenovo models are the ThinkPads that have an epic battery life. Its Yoga 910 also has amazing design and features.


Still, Apple has continued to dominate the laptop market. MacBooks, Airs, and Pros are consistently becoming more powerful and more efficient. Although its physical appearance remains the same, its solid design philosophy makes it attractive among other laptops. But as expected, Apple products are very costly.


Asus has also gained popularity among consumers because of their products are certainly of total-package. You get high-quality and essential features for the reasonable price. Their ZenBooks are also competing with high-end laptops, including Apple. In terms of design, Asus is incredibly fantastic.


Dell has been a strong player in the laptop market, especially with their Dell XPS 13 and XPS 15. They have continued to create laptop models that combine functionality and design in one. They also explored OLED-screens on their Alienware 13. But the top strength of Dell is their strong factory warranty.


Acer has also competed with the top-rated laptop brands with their quality and affordable laptops. Plus, they are dedicated to providing some of the best tech-support, providing detailed tutorials and dedicating an Acer-community.


HP has maintained a good reputation for producing high-quality laptops. Among their strengths are their great Ultrabooks which are fast, powerful, and user-friendly. In fact, most businesses use HP computers and laptops.

Which of these laptop brands is your current favorite? Do you have any other brands in mind? Share us your thoughts.